More traffic. More leads. More sales.

All day, every day, advertisements are shoved in our faces. They’re on our TVs, our computers, and our phones. And we’re all getting sick of them. We mute commercials, download ad blockers, and jab the “skip” button at every opportunity.

So how do you reach today’s increasingly skeptical audience? Content marketing is the answer.

Your target market doesn’t want to read something that feels like an ad. But they do have questions, and they’re looking for quality answers. Content marketing is your chance to provide those answers, then convert the traffic that generates into leads.

But you won’t get anywhere by copying what your competitors are doing. You’ll just end up with a generic, directionless blog. And bad content isn’t just a waste of time and money. It actually undermines your credibility and misrepresents your brand.

Your content is a demonstration of your value as a business. It needs to be done right.

So stop wasting money on ineffective ads or aimless blog posts. Get content that ranks on the front page for your keywords, drives consistent traffic to your website, and provides a verifiable return on your investment.

“Makes my life as editor a breeze.”

“Nick consistently delivers engaging, well-researched content that shows a clear understanding of the subject matter. His attention to detail makes my job as editor a breeze. He always meets the agreed-upon deadlines and is a genuine pleasure to work with.”

– Josh Slone, All Pro Content

Here's how it works:


Before any writing is done, I’ll do the research to create a strategy that will provide the framework for your content campaign.

I’ll dig into your company first. Who is your target market? What makes you uniquely suited to bring them value? What type of voice are you looking to portray?

Next, I’ll find your target market’s pain points. What questions are they typing into search? What sort of resources are they looking for? What is the most successful content in your niche and how can it be improved?

I’ll compile all of this information and use it to create a list of keywords that we’ll target for the length of the engagement.


Once we’ve agreed upon a strategy, I’ll get to work creating high quality resources that answer your target market’s questions. Each post will be long-form and search engine optimized.

You’ll also get a specific lead magnet for every post. Remember, the best sign of effective content is a laser focus on your target audience. Instead of using a handful of broad lead magnets, I’ll create a “content upgrade” that expands on the resource already provided.

Because the visitor landed on a specific post, you already know what topic they’re interested in. I’ll capitalize on this by promising even more detail on exactly what they’re looking for. This will be the key to effectively converting your website traffic into leads.

Promotion and Link-Building

The final step will be for me to promote your content. Strategies like SEO take time to develop. In the meantime, I’ll help create active engagement with your content through link building.

One of the best ways to boost your content is to share it in the areas your target market spends time online. These could be authoritative sites, other businesses, or online communities. I’ll find those sites, especially ones that have shared similar content in the past, and get fresh eyes on your content.


Work with an industry specialist.

Financial Expertise

Finance is a technical niche. Writing good content in the space requires a genuine understanding of the underlying concepts. You need a content marketer who already speaks your language. I have experience with everything from auditing financial statements to wealth creation through real estate investing. You’ll never have to explain the fundamentals of your business or worry whether I can deliver on the complicated subjects of your content.

Industry Experience

I understand your target market because I’ve worked directly with clients just like yours. I know first-hand what kind of questions they ask and how to ease their concerns. You’ll get content written in just the right voice for a financial expert. Extremely knowledgeable – but still comforting and approachable.

Focus on the Funnel

Above all, I focus on the funnel. Freelance writers are often fuzzy on how they make their clients money. They expect payment for their pretty words, as if they have value in and of themselves. But we’re not writing poetry here.  I understand that my value to your company lies in driving sales. My job is to get you traffic, convert that traffic into leads, and convert those leads into sales. And I ruthlessly focus on doing just that.

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